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At the turn of January and February 2017 the mobility of 10 Polish teachers was held in Prague within the framework of the Erasmus + program.

Teachers from the Polish school ZSP Goniądz – Zespół Samych Profesjonalistów were involved in the project Staff mobility-Job shadowing for teachers. Therefore, Polish teachers had a great opportunity to experience real lessons at Czech schools.
Fakultní základní škola a mateřskou škola při PedF UK was involved in this project as well. In the morning Job shadowing was held at these schools and small groups of Polish teachers observed lessons and the use of ICT tools in teaching. After that, in the afternoon they participated in theoretical training.
The aim of the project was to improve the professional qualifications of Polish teachers, improve their language skills, acquire new experience and information about the use of ICT tools in teaching, and generally increase the attractiveness and quality of education through the use of new methods and modern technologies. During their stay, Polish teachers also had a chance to learn something about Czech culture and attended excursion in Prague with polish guide.